Clare’s Process

All programs at Functional Health and Healing are aimed at comprehensively addressing clients’ health concerns and empowering them to take control of their well-being. All new clients should expect to spend six months or more working toward their health goals. While working with Clare Cattarin requires buy-in from the client, the results are often extraordinary.

If you are an individual who is passionate about taking control of your own health and wants the guidance of a highly-skilled functional medicine practitioner, then Functional Health and Healing is for you.

Continue reading to understand the process all clients go through.

1. Pre-Program Assessment & Consultation

Readiness Assessment

The process begins with a thorough Readiness Assessment to ensure that clients are prepared for the commitment involved. This assessment asks a few questions about your health history and your goals. Are you at a place where you can commit to improving your health? Or should functional medicine wait for a better time?


Next comes the consultation where clients have the opportunity to openly discuss their health concerns and issues with Clare. This initial conversation sets the foundation for understanding the client’s goals, lifestyle habits, and specific areas of focus. It is a valuable opportunity for clients to be heard and understood by a practitioner who genuinely listens.

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2. First Appointment & Testing

Schedule Your Appointment

Once it’s determined that you would be a good fit for Clare’s program, you’ll schedule your first appointment. At this point, clients receive two important emails:

  1. The first email provides detailed information about the practice’s office policies and includes any necessary forms or agreements that need to be signed.
  2. The second email, sent by Clare personally, is a comprehensive appointment preparation document that requests clients to fill out all relevant information. These emails are sent two weeks prior to the scheduled appointment to ensure ample time for clients to complete the necessary tasks.


When the appointment is scheduled, clients are required to make the payment. Simultaneously, Clare invests approximately three hours into preparing charts and reviewing client information. 

Attend Your First Appointment (3 to 3.5 Hours)

The first visit with Clare is an in-depth session lasting 3 to 3.5 hours. During this time, the questionnaire filled out by the client is reviewed in detail with special attention given to their goals and lifestyle habits like sleep, nutrition, community, exercise, and more. Clare will also walk you through the Living Matrix.

A full physical examination is also conducted, which includes a neurology exam, skin exam, and assessment of the heart, breast, lungs, and muscles. A genital exam will be included only if necessary. This physical assessment is only part of the testing regimen.

New clients will also go through the KBMO FIT diagnostic test that identifies underlying food sensitivities. The FIT Test is the most sensitive food test available using patented technology. The multiple pathway approach allows us to look at not only food sensitivities but also inflammation and gut permeability all from one test.

Afterward, clients are given a GI test kit to take home along with cortisol testing (if needed). We may also recommend conventional medicine labs, which can be accessed through your primary care provider or independently depending on your insurance coverage.

3. Continuing Support and Treatment

Once we have all of your data and testing results, it’s time to put our health detective work into practice. 

To support you in your journey towards better health, Clare creates a personalized binder containing valuable information and patient education materials. This comprehensive resource covers various topics, including functional medicine, nutrition, intestinal health, stress management, sleep optimization, hormone balance, and more. The contents are tailored to address the specific needs and concerns of each individual.

Clients are encouraged to commit to a 3-6 month period of working with Clare, during which she serves as a guide, empowering them to “fly on their own” without the need for continued consultations. The focus during this treatment phase is on helping clients understand how their actions and choices can influence their health outcomes, placing them firmly in the driver’s seat of their well-being.


Every two weeks, you will attend a follow-up visit. These can be done either through video calls or in-office appointments, each one lasting approximately 90 minutes. These regular visits are crucial for monitoring progress, implementing necessary lifestyle changes, and reviewing any test results obtained during the process. A new appointment is scheduled for each visit, following a structured two-week program that includes a total of six visits.

Ready to Apply to Work with Clare 1-on-1?

The Functional Health and Healing process requires a serious commitment on the part of the client. But all of your effort will be rewarded. In many cases, people who have been struggling with chronic illness, imbalanced hormones, or weight gain find the answers they’ve been seeking. Years of pain and discomfort are finally gone!

To get started, head to our scheduling page and fill out the Readiness Assessment. Let’s get to the root cause of your disease!