Here’s Your Timeline for a Pregnancy Detox

Pregnant woman cooking healthy food at home.

What is the Ideal Timeline for a Pregnancy Detox?

There’s a lot that goes into the process of planning to get pregnant. Many couples discuss housing, finances, childcare plans, and other logistics of having children.


But one crucial step in pregnancy planning is often overlooked: the health of both parents before conception. Yes, both the mother and father should be in good health since both partners contribute to the genetic makeup of the baby.


Then, as soon as the mother gets pregnant, she begins transferring her gut bacteria and DNA to her growing baby. It’s important that every soon-to-be mother is in prime health long before she’s actually pregnant. 


At Functional Health and Healing, Clare Cattarin (IFM-CP, FNP) specializes in pregnancy detoxification, which allows men and women to rid their body of chemicals that could harm a future baby. With the guidance of a doctor, anyone can expect to feel better and have a healthier baby.


How Toxins Impact Your Health

The word “toxin” may conjure up images of warning labels on bleach or radioactive material known to cause cancer. In reality, most of us are surrounded by toxins that are responsible for making us sick.


Our daily lives are riddled with toxins: in our diets, cleaning materials, beauty products, the air we breathe, and even our laundry detergents. 


Most people suffer from imbalanced gut bacteria. Gut bacteria are essential to optimal health. They help the body break down food, filter out toxins, and support your immune system. Due to multiple factors, such as poor nutrition or toxic exposure, the gut bacteria loses its ability to function properly. This makes the intestinal gut lining wear down, known as “leaky gut syndrome.” 


A body with leaky gut syndrome is unable to absorb key nutrients from food, and toxic chemicals and bacteria are able to “slip” into the body when they would normally be excreted. 


A constant bombardment of toxins plus the inability to get rid of said toxins equals a sick body. Many people with leaky gut syndrome experience gas, bloating, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and more symptoms. 


Unfortunately, a leaky gut also means your growing baby is absorbing all of these toxins, too!


Why You Need a Detox

A detox clears the body of unwanted toxins and chemicals, giving your gut bacteria the chance to get back in balance and heal the rest of your body.


For women wanting to get pregnant, a detox is important for the health of your baby, as babies get their immune system and gut bacteria directly from their mothers. Whether healthy or unhealthy, your baby will be getting his or her gut bacteria from you. 


Gut bacteria and toxins also impact the possibility of your baby developing conditions such as ADHD and autism. Evidence suggests a link between ADHD, autism, and exposure to toxic chemicals. 


In addition to protecting your baby and passing on a thriving gut microbiome, a detox will restore the mother’s health and allow her to feel better and further enjoy her pregnancy. In most cases, we will detox before conception and then replace detoxification with healthy eating, sleep, and movements.  


The Pregnancy Detox Timeline

You should prepare for a thriving body and healthy baby long before you get pregnant. We recommend our Prenatal Detox Program, which starts 3 – 4  months before conception. This process reflects our passion for helping mothers and babies reach optimal health.


Step 1: Health History. We start by assessing your current health situation and gaining information about your health history, genetics, and concerns.


Step 2: Set Goals. Based on your health situation, we’ll set goals and identify “markers” to help us gauge your progress.


Step 3: Readiness Assessment. Even if you’re an ideal candidate for our Prenatal Detox Program, you may not be physically or mentally prepared for a detox. Our team will help identify if you’re ready to proceed.


Step 4: Physical and nutritional exam. We take a look at your current lifestyle habits, physical condition, and how this may be contributing to your health. 


Step 5: Lab testing. As necessary, we’ll conduct appropriate lab testing to give us further information about your health situation. For example, we may identify allergies that are contributing to your gut health. 


Step 6: Detailed food diary. This customized food plan to make sure you’re nourishing your gut and eliminating foods contributing to leaky gut syndrome. 


Step 7: A partnership. As you plunge into your detox, we’re here to help you along every step of the process. We’ll continue to check in, guide you, answer questions, and provide support.


All seven steps are integral to our unique approach to pregnancy detox. The only way this detox will work is if you are committed to your health and your baby’s health. Are you ready to start?


Clare Cattarin is Here to Help. 

In order to restore the body and find true healing, it takes commitment and a professional to coach you along the way. You can’t do it alone, and Clare Cattarin is here to help with her years of training and experience helping other patients. 


The process is simple: remove what’s harming your body, replace what’s missing in your body, and rebalance your body systems. When the body is balanced and properly nourished, it heals itself. 

If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, don’t wait. Take your next steps by getting connected with Clare and Functional Health & Healing. Connect with our office or start our readiness assessment to schedule your first appointment.