Functional Medicine in San Francisco for 2023

Functional medicine in San Francisco

Functional Medicine in San Francisco for 2023

Around this time of year, we all like to take a step back and reflect on our accomplishments over the past year and ways we want to grow in the year to come.


This often looks like purchasing a new planner or bullet journal or writing a list of New Year’s Resolutions.


Your goals for 2023 might be related to finances, relationships, career, schooling, or personal growth.


But what about your health?


Maybe it’s time to carve out more time and energy in 2023 for getting to the bottom of your health issues and finally feeling your best.


Let our functional medicine practice in San Francisco guide you through setting goals this new year–goals that you’ll actually follow through with.


Invest in Your Health in the New Year

We all want to feel our best, but it’s easy to feel stuck or put off self-care. Maybe you’ve already tried to heal from your chronic pain or an autoimmune issue, but you haven’t gotten far and still feel awful.


Our current healthcare system makes it hard to find complete relief and healing from health problems–especially chronic illnesses. The traditional approach treats the symptoms of your health problems instead of identifying and addressing what’s causing them in the first place. This would be like mopping up a puddle of water without fixing the leaky roof.


Traditional doctors may have handed you a prescription for new medications and left you with burning questions or little hope for finding true relief. 


Also, few doctors educate patients on a fundamental truth: you can take your health into your own hands. You can be an advocate for your health and healing.


This is what functional medicine is all about.


Health Goals to Set in the New Year

You know you aren’t feeling well, but maybe you feel unsure about what the problem is and where to start improving your health. Consider the following ideas:


Get connected with a San Francisco functional medicine doctor. 

They’ll help you identify and treat the root issue behind any chronic pain, lingering symptoms, or discomfort. 


Fuel your body properly for healing and performance.

Ditch restrictions and fad diets. Stop viewing foods as “good” and “bad.” This year, let’s fuel your body and move in a way that feels good.


Invest in counseling or other stress management techniques.

Your mental health matters, and high levels of stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues take a toll on your physical health, too. Could 2023 be the year you make strides toward peace and healing?


Detox your system to feel your best.

We’re surrounded by toxins everywhere, from plastic water bottles to cleaning products to chemical plants. This year, consider a functional detox to reset your body and promote healing. 


Branch out and foster healthy relationships. 

After being isolated for so long due to COVID-19, many of us are still struggling relationally. Poor, unhealthy, or a lack of relationships affects our mental and physical health. If you’ve built a solid support system, find ways to go deeper this year. Or if you’re feeling lonely or in a toxic relationship, find a community to plug into for help and support.


How Functional Medicine in San Francisco Helps You Reach Your Health Goals

Functional medicine doctors in San Francisco consider each of the above pieces when working with patients. We take into account that each part of your body is connected–for example, your gut health affects your mental health and vice versa! Plus, we consider how mental health, physical health, toxins, genetics, and more play into your current health profile. 


Clare Cattarin(MSN, FNP, IFM-CP, S-CP) is a San Francisco functional medicine provider who specializes in the following areas:


Find relief from anxiety and insomnia. 

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, or insomnia, it can be difficult to make it through the day. You feel tired, and worries can keep you from doing the things you love. Using functional medicine in San Francisco, our team will work with you to find the root of your sleeplessness and provide therapy tailored specifically to your needs.


View our stress, anxiety, and insomnia services.


Heal your gut.

A healthy gut is essential to a healthy life. A balanced microbiome helps you maintain a healthy weight, increases energy, improves sleep and immunity, and even helps treat mental health issues like depression and anxiety.


View our gut health services.


Start your new year with a detox.

Detoxing isn’t just something you do when you want to recover from a cold or hangover. Our modern world is full of toxins, and this means detoxification should be done weekly or at least a few times a year. With simple protocols from San Francisco functional medicine, you will begin to feel the difference within 1-2 weeks and can continue using our strategies to boost your health long-term.


View our detox services.


Finally balance your hormones.

Does your body feel “off” or have your health goals plateaued? You might be dealing with a hormone imbalance. At Functional Health & Healing, we address hormone imbalances by looking at what’s causing the imbalance. While hormone supplements can sometimes help, we have found that consistently supporting your body in natural hormone production is the most reliable path toward healing.


View our hormone services.


Getting pregnant? Detox first.

If you thought toxins were bad for your body, imagine how much toxins affect the body of your unborn baby. To protect your child and reduce risks of complications during pregnancy, Functional Health & Healing recommends prenatal detoxing.


View our pregnancy detox services.


Join Functional Health & Healing in San Francisco 

Ready to put your health first and finally feel your best in 2023? Don’t hesitate to get started.

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