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Why I use Strategene in my practice and how it helps piece the puzzle of optimal health together.  

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The Story….


Of course, for those of us old enough, we mostly all remember the unveiling of The Genome Project in 2008.  Publications entertaining genes and the potential for cloning, the holy grail and many other venues exploded.   It remaind an absolute quagmire as far as my brain could compute for years. 

In 2017, while I was listening to Dr Yusef Elyaman at the IFM Cardiovascular Module explain APOE 2,3 & 4: COMT:  NOS-3: and MTHFR genes and the function they play in cardiovascular health – I was pretty much like a deer in the headlights thinking, “What the ….?”    I was most relieved when Dr Thomas Sult got up during a question/answer session and said, “Listen folks, this is great information and great to research, but we don’t even know the right questions to ask yet”.    For those of you who do not know Dr Tom Sult, he is a REALLY Super smart guy with an amazingly level, common sense head on his shoulders.  So for him to make that statement, I did not feel so bad feeling completely overwhelmed.


But here we are 6 years later, and the research has moved like the speed of light.  Thank god for people like Dr Ben Lynch, who is SUPER SUPER smart.   

Dr Lynch’s passion on trying to understand genetics, understand how we test for different variances (SNPs – Single nucleotide polymorphisms)  on the chromosomes and how this correlates to human health is what fueled his work, to the creation of his company Strategene. 


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Dr Lynch has pulled an international team of research experts who have done an amazing job in creating a template to look at how genes are intimately connected, interdependent upon each other and how the viability of the gene to express it’s action – affects our physical body.  

Why when you get sick, you have so much trouble getting better.

Genes are not an island, they are dancers in the troupe of life which need the troupe to thrive.  Optimal health is dependent on multiple dancers all thriving.  The genes are not alone, they area heavily affected by the environment.


I use this information – Strategene – along with a detailed history of each individual person.

Looking at each individual and their physical, emotional and spiritual well being as one whole ecosystem.

If you are not sleeping, you are not healing.

If you are not connecting with friends or community you are isolated

If you are eating foods which are harmful to your body, your cells will not function properly and your body suffers.  

If you are not moving your body – you are stagnant.

If you are deficient in vitamins and minerals your cells are not thriving.


ALL of this affects your genes and your genes along with the microbiome are the master switchboard in your body.  

This is how I use strategene in my practice.